Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great Weekend

We've recovered from the flu and are pretty much 100% again. Sorry for the lag in posts. I know I have been negligent.

This weekend was fantastic! Kai started the weekend by taking me out to our favorite Korean restaurant for dinner on Friday night. We had our favorite Korean dishes: Dulcot Bee-Beem Bop (rice, vegetables, hot sauce, and raw egg served in a fire hot stone bowl that cooks the egg), Vegetable Mandu (similar to vegetable dumplings), Sushi (rice and vegetables wrapped in Seaweed), and Miso Soup (tofu and seaweed in a authentic Asian broth). It always brings back great memories from our year spent in South Korea. We got to practice our Korean there times!

On Saturday morning, we got up early and met The Calvert's for breakfast. I ordered pumpkin pancakes...YUM! After fueling up with a large breakfast, we hiked San Bernardino in the brilliant fall colors. Had perfect hiking weather and great times as always with the Calvert's. All the pictures in this post are from this adventure.

Once we got back, Kai took me out for ice cream at Coldstone's. Lately we've been frequenting the local yogurt places, but this time we opted for all-out-ice-cream. I got "Chocolate Devotion" and Kai got "Birthday Cake Remix" (2 of our favorites). We ate our indulgences overlooking the night-lit valley from a "secret" lookout point that is special to us while listening to some Jason Mraz. Then we went home and had movie night in. Hard to beat a weekend like this! Great times spent with 2 of the awesomest guys in my life and great friends!

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