Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kasen's Dedication and Soak City

Kasen was dedicated to God this past weekend at the Loma Linda University Church by our good friend, Jason Calvert. We dedicated Kasen's life to God and publicly acknowledged in front of our family, church family and close friends that we will do everything in our power to raise Kasen up to be a follower and warrior for Jesus. It won't be an easy job, but with the help of family, friends, our church community, and of course God, Kasen will hopefully grow up to know and love Jesus as his personal Friend and Savior.
On a side note, Kasen did extremely well up front. I fed him 15 minutes before we left, burped him for 10 minutes, and put full body bib on him until 5 seconds before we went up. (He has a tendency to spit up a lot). Thankfully he didn't spit up in front of the whole church or get out of hand. He was a little squirmy before we went up and right after, but thankfully, while he was in front of everyone, he was a little angel. Here are some pictures from this special event. More pictures from the lunch will follow at a later date;-)

These pictures are from Soak City. I went here with my school during our last week. It is a family day and the students go with their families, teachers bring their own families, and everyone enjoys the park together. We had a great time and Kasen had his first experience with the water...he loved it!

Floating down the Lazy River.

Kasen in his Johnny Jump Up from Grammy Nini

*These pictures were all taken by Kai's mom (GramE Nini).


  1. So cute those last few.
    And a dedication! First of may spiritual milestones!!

  2. What a beautiful day! He looked so cute in his church clothes. I love his swimming outfit so cute:)