Monday, May 11, 2009

Beach Bums

We're admittedly beach bums. In Michigan we always frequented Lake Michigan which is gorgeous and looks more like an ocean than a lake. Below is a picture of Lake Michigan for those friends who have yet to experience it.
However, we were not in Michigan this weekend and therefore these pictures are from Newport Beach, CA. This was Kasen's first trip to the beach. It was so much fun to introduce him to something we love so much. We went with some great friends and had a fun time. Afterward we all went to a delicious local Mexican restaurant.
Kasen in his beach outfit to keep him from getting too much sun even though he is a Southern California baby at the moment.
Sandy feet and about to sneeze. See his sneeze face?
The Steele boys
Playing Bocce Ball with our friends. This game is actually really fun. Andrea is way better than I expected and gave the guys a little competition!
Napping in mom's lap
First of many encounters with the sand.
Sandcastles with Daddy
They are so much fun to watch play together. Need I say more?
Lovin it!
I love this face!
I know he'll grow out of this soon, but I love this special cuddle time.

Keeping warm
Playing football on the beach


  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I love the beach. Kasen is getting big. I am sure he will enjoy many trips to the beach.

  2. Oh!! The BEACH!!! I know he'll never remember a time without the beach!! Great job introducing it early. I can't wait to see Zea's reaction to the beach!!!

  3. ok lake michigan looks totally awesome in that picture...seriously, who needs the ocean??! jk looks like you all had fun :)

  4. What a great outing! Kasen looks so cute in his swim suit. The beach is always a great place to relax and have fun. Lake Michigan is beautiful!