Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Had To...

I know...I've posted more than usual lately, but I couldn't resist this one. We had an outing today and I dressed Kasen in one of my favorite 0-3 month outfits (he's just now growing out of his newborn ones), styled his hair in a mohawk, slipped on cute shoes (one fell off unbeknownst to me before leaving the house), and slid on his sunglasses.
Here's the look:

P.S. Guess who's sleeping in his own bed now??? No, he's not sleeping through the night yet. He makes it 1-3 hours in between feedings, but he's such a sleep talker we had to move him to his own room to get some sleep of our own.


  1. Kai and Kristi,
    I love looking at your blog. It makes me feel a little closer to all of our friends all over the world. Your son is precious. I know you must be very proud parents! Thanks so much for keeping in touch and for your encouragement and prayers!!!
    God Bless,
    Tara & Ruan

  2. He is just so cute and I LOVE the mohawk! He is just starting to look older in his pictures. You will be so glad that he is sleeping in his own bed.

  3. Congrats making that move!!! I bet you are getting a little more sleep. Keep posting!! We love to see how Kasen is growing!!!! Where'd you get the glasses? We're headed to the beach in a few weeks and Zea could use a pair.

  4. We actually got them from the Carter's outlet here. Do you have any out there? They were a must have since the sunshine is constant here. Have fun at the beach! We haven't taken Kasen yet, but probably will soon depending on the weather.

  5. Gme Nini is going to dig up pics of Daddy and Uncle Brit with THEIR mohawks...then you can laugh at them!!!